P House Decontamination Case Studies

May 13, 2016

Andy Andersons carries out a comprehensive P Decontamination service, along with full building remediations. These two recent case studies illustrate the range of properties we come across.

Forensic & Industrial Report

This property was found to be a P Lab where manufacture of methamphetamine occurred. As such, the levels throughout the property were much higher than those normally associated with a property where smoking/casual use takes place.

The decontamination instructions were to gut the whole house and clean all framework and flooring as testing had shown the methamphetamine had penetrated into the insulation. When dealing with such high levels, the methamphetamine can penetrate through the wall and ceiling linings and contaminate the framework behind. It was only after the linings had been removed that the testing company were able to determine the full extent of the contamination. Once this had been assessed, a second visit was required to ensure that the property was fully decontaminated and safe to be lived in again.

Drug Screeners Ltd Report – Hills Laboratories

The issues with this property were due to both the materials it was constructed out of and the levels of methamphetamine that were found. This was a Lockwood style home where timber is used throughout the property for constructing the walls and ceilings and as such is much harder to decontaminate.

The methamphetamine not only penetrates the timber but gets into the gaps in between. The cleaning process is therefore much more detailed and time consuming.

In this instance, we were required to return to the property as one area didn’t quite pass first time due to methamphetamine leaching out from gaps in the timber. This is not unusual for this style of property. After our return visit, the property was declared clear and safe to live in again.

  • Pre decontamination
  • Post decontamination 1
  • Post decontamination 2