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  • Dust Removal

    Safely remove dangerous dust from your industrial workspaces.

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  • Decontamination

    Experienced and carefully managed decontamination services

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  • Confined Spaces

    Our team are experts at safely cleaning confined spaces

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A clean, safe working environment

Hands-on industrial services from an experienced team

Whether you run a factory, a restaurant or school, we have the skills, the people and experience to make sure your space is clean and safe, and your equipment well looked after. The secret to our long history and happy clients? We believe that people give the best results, not machines. You’ll find our team are as hands on today as we were when we first started.

    "We're dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service. Our specialised knowledge, experience, and team will make the difference to your business."

    John Black (Owner/Managing Director)