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P Decontamination

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If your property has become a toxic environment through meth contamination, decontamination is the only way to fix it. Chemical contamination is forever – and it can have a huge impact on the health of you or your tenants.

Make your building safe again.

Decontamination is the only way to make meth-contaminated buildings safe to use. Meth chemicals linger in walls, kitchen surfaces and cupboards, furniture and even roof spaces. Meth contamination can cause breathing, skin and other health conditions in the people using the buildings – and basic household cleaning isn’t enough to get rid of the issues.

If your property was proven to be the site of a meth lab, it will be subject to a council cleansing order, which requires decontamination before it can be rented or lived in again. If you suspect that your property may have been used to cook or use P, we can organise an independant test and report back on whether or not any form of decontamination is needed.

It's important to note that we also decontaminate vehicles, boats and holiday homes, as short stay type settings are becoming popular for manufacturing purposes.

Comprehensive cleansing.

The level of cleaning and remediation required depends upon the trace levels found in the samples. Our decontamination service may involve a complete renovation - removing all walls, surfaces and interior fittings affected by meth chemicals. We also use specially designed chemical cleaners on surfaces where only traces of meth have been found. Affected items are handled and disposed of with extreme care.

After removal, cleaning and remediation, our team will re-test the property.

Decontamination is dangerous, difficult and dirty work – get it done right with the Andy Andersons team.

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