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Building Makeovers

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Refresh and renew run down premises with a building make over

Refreshing your premises is important for sale or the end of your lease but it can also have incredibly positive affects on your staff culture and on the impressions you give clients.

Whatever sized building you’re running, Andy Andersons has the specialist knowledge and equipment to help. We can complete large-scale industrial painting, cleaning and refurbishment work, at height and using high-volume spray painting. Your building’s interior and exteriors including high ceilings, walls, floors, metal siding, silos, and metal roofs will be renewed and refreshed.

Your large machinery, particularly those in dirty industries or ones requiring durable protection, can be taken care of.

For specialist premises like hygiene or food manufacturing plants, you know the correct paints, epoxies, urethanes and equipment are being used to ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

For specialist knowledge and equipment to refresh and renew your premises, get in touch with the team at Andy Andersons Industrial Services.

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