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Our People

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John Black

Owner/Managing Director

Since buying the business with his wife Karen in 2007, John has used his vast experience in management and problem solving to give Andy Andersons clients only the best service. He’s passionate about adding value to clients’ businesses through his team’s work and his specialised knowledge. His commitment to building a long term, successful business means John and Andy Andersons are well respected by peers, clients and crucially, by his team. John’s passion outside of work is fishing, fishing and more fishing. He also spends quality with his family, fishing.

Karen Black

Owner/Admin and Accounts Manager

After more than 15 years working for the Auckland District Health Board, Karen joined Andy Andersons full-time in August 2012. A part owner of the business, her day-to-day role is centred around Administration and Account Management. Karen is renowned for tackling problems with patience and humour and, uses her vast experience to ensure Andy Andersons runs as smoothly and efficiently behind the scenes as it does on site. She enjoys spending her spare time with her two daughters, as well as being out on the boat fishing with husband, John.

Khalid Khalil

Operations Manager

Khalid joined Andy Andersons in 2010 as one our foremen before taking on a leadership role as Operations Manager. Khalid draws on his military training to plan and run our projects with precision and efficiency. Outside of work, Khalid is a dedicated family man and a keen fisherman.

Paul Freeman

Sales Manager

Paul joined Andy Andersons back in 2015, bringing solid sales experience earned over many years and across a variety of industries. Paul’s a key Team player at Andy Anderson’s as we work across varying industry sectors to solve any Dirty, Dangerous or Difficult problem. Paul’s role is to promote all aspects of AAIS, from our high-level cleaning, machinery cleaning to meth decontamination. Outside of the office, Paul is an avid fisherman, a trait that fits in very well here at AAIS!

David Clarkson

Key Account Manager

As the newest member of the Andy Andersons team, David brings a wealth of experience in customer service, sales and champions a customer-centric approach. Prior experience across banking, utilities and insurance; David is no stranger to complex environments and will roll up his sleeves to achieve the best outcome for clients. David’s role is to promote the Andy Andersons brand, find new opportunities and drive value for existing clients. Outside of the office, David is a keen golfer, enjoys watching cricket and is learning how to fish.

    "We're dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service. Our specialised knowledge, experience, and team will make the difference to your business."

    John Black (Owner/Managing Director)